Northern Rockies

Bison migrate out of Yellowstone National Park in winter.
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Home to grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and other iconic wildlife, America's Northern Rockies include some of the wildest places in the Lower 48 states. But they also face the threats of climate change, oil and gas drilling, water shortages, and more.

NRDC's office in Bozeman, Montana, helps preserve the wild character of the Northern Rockies while promoting sustainable development. Many of our top priorities—from tackling climate change to defending endangered species—are coming to a head in the region. We marshal local support and combine it with NRDC’s national influence to create breakthroughs in wildlife protection, livestock management, and other issues.

Some of our accomplishments:

  • Working with ranchers, farmers, hunters, and Native American leaders—all of whom share the desire to maintain wide-open country, fish-filled rivers, and lush forests—we've created pioneering programs for predator management and maintaining the Yellowstone bison herd as a wild species.
  • As part of the Community Empowerment Project Montana, we make residents more aware of the risks of oil and gas development, leasing and permitting practices, and better alternatives for clean energy expansion.
  • Our scientists have helped document what climate change means for the Northern Rockies’ "snowpack economy," while our clean energy experts are helping Western states identify how they can meet the new limits on carbon pollution.

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NRDC in Action

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NRDC in Action

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