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Earth hits its highest temperature on record for the third year in a row -

We've all been expecting it, but now NOAA and NASA have made it official: 2016 was the hottest year on record. The announcement comes two days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, who has called climate change a hoax. New York Times

Americans want a strong Environmental Protection Agency -

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, more than 60 percent of Americans want the EPA's powers preserved or strengthened under the Trump administration, and they want the amount of drilling on public lands to remain the same or drop. The numbers suggest the president-elect may face significant opposition to his environmental policy—he has threatened to significantly reduce environmental regulations and open up federal lands to more energy development. Reuters

This should not be a partisan issue. It is good business and good economics to lead a technological revolution and define market trends.

President Obama, writing in the journal Science, shares his reasons for thinking that "the trend toward clean energy is irreversible," no matter the short-term policies of the next administration

Obama administration denies seismic blasting permits in Atlantic -

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has rejected all six pending applications for permits to conduct seismic testing for oil and gas off the East Coast. The move is a victory for marine life as the noise from seismic airgun blasting poses a serious threat to endangered whales, fish, and other ocean species. The Virginian-Pilot

China says it will invest $361 billion in renewable energy by 2020 -

As the country continues to struggle with toxic smog, the announcement is the latest sign that the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter is shifting away from dirty fossil fuels. The National Energy Administration says renewable power will contribute about half of new electricity generation by 2020 and add 13 million jobs. The Guardian

New rules on antibiotic use in livestock just went into effect -

But a major loophole remains. The FDA has made it illegal to give medically important antibiotics to healthy animals in order to promote their growth—but veterinarians can still authorize the drugs for "disease prevention" in food animals. Antibiotic misuse by any other name still causes bacteria to become resistant to life-saving drugs. Stat News